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In 2008, driven by an unwavering passion, Jason Mildwaters embarked on a transformative journey, birthing JLM Studios to manifest his childhood dream of crafting world-class videos. The odyssey commenced humbly, with inventive use of household items and limitless imagination. From music videos to pioneering filming techniques, Jason harnessed creativity in its purest form. His ingenious methods ranged from repurposing old granny walker frames for dolly shots to fashioning homemade PVC dolly tracks, and ingeniously engineering backyard lighting rigs—unconventional paths to capture his vision.

Since those modest beginnings, Jason has continually refined his art, embracing the forefront of innovation. He's invested in a formidable arsenal of industry-standard equipment, including steadicams, camera booms, cutting-edge 4K cameras, an array of sophisticated lighting tools, and various accessories designed to excel across diverse requirements and environments.

A testament to his prowess, Jason Mildwaters has earned three prestigious nominations as a Director of Photography, solidifying his status among the industry's elite.

For a deeper exploration of our offerings or to secure your booking, reach out to JLM Studios. Our team embodies approachability, ready to guide you through every step.

The following serves as a mere glimpse into the excellence we achieve at JLM Studios:

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